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Order Form internal transport trucks

Hereby (SC) based in Str.with headquarter in
Bank accountIBAN

Ask for transport / towing of a new car / second-hand, identified by the following data:

Brand and type:
Registration no. chassis series

The vehicle will be charged at address:

Location:Code:Street Address:No:
Contact person:Tel:
Date and hour on which it can be charged:

The vehicle will be discharged at address:

Location:Code:Street Address:No:
Contact person:Tel:
Date on which it can be discharged:
If external transport, mention custom of destination:
Price is negotiated and accepted: paid by: date:



  1. To provide adequate mean of transport, whose capacity is sufficient and in appropriate condition, at the date and time fixed, in accordance with Beneficiary’s firm order and with conditions established by mutual agreement of taking merchandise and draw, after receiving the goods, the shipping documents.
  2. Supervise the loading and unloading of the mean of transport both at the place of loading of beneficiary and at the discharge place. Provider’s rights and obligations of loading and unloading goods comply with regulations of CMR Agreement, the Agreement TIR and other regulations of national and international transport legislation.
  3. To load and unload merchandise in and from the means of transport.


  1. To guide and provide all information necessary for the transport in time and on the route set
  2. To entrust provider all documents required for the transport of goods
  3. To mention in shipping documents the shipment confirmation, receipt and integrity of the goods or any note on their status
  4. To mention in shipping documents the shipment confirmation, receipt and integrity of the goods or any note on their status
  5. To pay for transport services under the respective contract.
  6. To pay fees for exceeding stationary time
  7. Fully complete, sign and stamp the order form
  8. To issue guarantees in favor of the Provider to ensure payment for the services. In this regard, when the goods are discharged, the Beneficiary providers a blank check, signed and stamped or signed and stamped BO to the Provider, endorsed by the associate and manager of the company, which will be used by the Provider to recover its debts as a result of default in payment by the Beneficiary under the order form.


  1. Refuse to release the goods at destination beacuse of unpaid taxes or failure to return a copy of the transport document subscribed by the carrier, because of a levy or for reasons of public order, based on customs, sanitary or police regulations;
  2. To return necessary and useful expenses made with cargo transportation, customs duties, warehousing, cash advances and transport price agreed or usual;
  3. Pledge and retention for goods transported under which the court requires total or partial sale of the goods;
  4. Has the retention right on goods transported until it receives the agreed price for carriage;
  5. Has the retention right on goods transported if was not returned the copy signed by him. So the carrier has the privilege of transported goods until they are delivered to recipient.

Shipping price

Shipping cost is mentioned in the order form. For exceeding the stationary time a fee will be charged at 500 Euro/day.


Beneficiary liability

  1. If during transportation is found by inspection bodies authorized by law, that the maximum weight allowed by law was exceeded, proper for carriage road, and the beneficiary has not announced carrier in writing to obtain necessary permits performing transport respectively beneficiary agrees to pay all fines and penalties that apply to carrier.
  2. The beneficiary will be responsible for paying in time transportation value, any delay resulting in payment of penalties
  3. The beneficiary assume responsibility for any adverse consequences resulting from incorrect or incomplete data on transport as well as documents accompanying the goods.

Provider liability

  1. If damage to the goods during transport and provider negligence, compensation that will be required consists of the amount corresponding goods without any damage
  2. If the goods have reached destination with quality impairment due to exceeding the time of execution of transport, the carrier will be liable to pay appropriate compensation. The carrier shall be relieved of liability if he can prove that the loss or damage was caused to the goods by reason of force majeure, lack or inadequacy of packaging, the nature of the goods, etc.

I declare that I acknowledged and understood the contractual provisions of Annex 1, which are applicable in any condition.

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