Auto Towing runs on a common dispatcher that takes orders and requests for 24/24 hours and for 7/7 days and includes a large number of companies of the same field with our company, carefully selected companies and have so far proven their professionalism and competence.

Towing Equipment

Towing Equipment

Automili has NON STOP services of VEHICLES TOWING We transport to the required destination new cars and damaged on special platform and also towing small and medium tonnage vehicles. It can carry and tow one or two cars at once.

We perform services on 24h/24h CAR TOWING, VEHICLES TRANSPORTATION. The service that makes our competitive advantage is the TOWING OF HEAVY INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT small and medium with Automili truck platform.

Our company specializes in unfortunate cases where your car suffers damage at the steering system or otherwise get your car in water (a common practice that required repeated interventions of towing cars pick up and transport of river Dambovita).

We offer immediate assistance and support to resolve the incident as quickly as possible by towing your vehicle regardless of the situation in which it is.

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