Auto Towing runs on a common dispatcher that takes orders and requests for 24/24 hours and for 7/7 days and includes a large number of companies of the same field with our company, carefully selected companies and have so far proven their professionalism and competence.

Transport Auto International on Platforma

Transport Auto

AutoMili currently offers international auto transport services around the clock, both local (Bucharest) and domestic or international.

Automili collaborating with companies in the field of international transport which covers the whole area of Europe, so that in case of a road accident, we can work to solve problems Your note in the shortest time and with the most Towing appropriate means depending on the vehicle and severity of damage occurring.

International transport intervene promptly in all European countries and because contracts for automobiles internationally that we have for imports and exports auto that allow us greater mobility in these countries and asftel there is possibility to perform the requested service in a short time without need be moving to another machine in the country where similar one is already there.

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